Sophie Rose Optometry

About Me

I am a behavioural / developmental optometrist. I investigate how you use vision to guide your other muscle movements and how it integrates with balance and spatial awareness; how you process or analyse a visual image; how your vision and eye muscle teaming skills link to your learning and hand eye coordination in sport.

I did my degree in Optometry at City University, London. I am registered with the College of Optometry and have been an accredited behavioural optometrist since 2001.

I work from Odiham Doctors, by appointment only. Please click on this link to download directions. I conduct assessments and training for visual aspects of learning including: visual stress (Meares/Irlen) including coloured overlay assessments; tracking skills, binocular instability and visual processing skills. I also do assessments for spatial awareness in sport, peripheral functional field of vision and eye hand/foot coordination.

Please contact me by email firstly, or phone with any questions. If I am in clinic I will return your call when I can, so please leave me a message on my home number.

T: 01256 862443 E: